Our wines



Our wines

This land of exceptional richness and diversity offers an assortment of wines with very different characters and personalities. Far from commonplace wines, far from lack-luster trends, the Fontainebleau Estate maintains an affinity for the three basic colors – red, rosé and white – and devotes itself to crafting these great wines in a way that is both traditional and authentic.

The Château Fontainebleau is comprised of 27 hectares of vines separated into small parcels spread out over the entire estate. These parcels are divided by variety: Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, old Carignans, Ugni Blanc, Syrah, Vermentino and old Cinsaults...

One of the special features of the Estate is its incredibly diverse soil. The land is predominantly composed of tuff, suitable for whites, classical limestone clays, and red mudstone rich in iron oxide, which gives structure to long-keeping wines.

Grape varieties are planted on all types of soils, in all possible directions, therefore multiplying the wine’s expressions as well as its potential.

  • Due to the vineyard’s configuration the grapes can only be picked by hand. This enables the domain to harvest parcels separately, letting others continue to ripen, and thus improving the production quality. Far from standardized wines, the vineyard’s technical team employs an ethical vinification process, rooted in winemaking tradition.