The Estate



The team at Château Fontainebleau understands and respects the land’s natural assets as well as the expression its unique soil gives to the wine and they strive to impart this typicity, with the upmost accuracy, to the cuvées of the Estate through biodynamic viticulture.

Biodynamics takes organic farming methods one step further, allowing the terroir’s natural expression to be preserved and reinforced. The process consists of supporting and enhancing the relationship between plant and environment (land and air) so as to obtain better grapes and thus, better wines.

The team of Château Fontainebleau strives to impart, with the utmost fidelity, the singularity of its terroir through biodynamic viticulture.

In fact, the Château Fontainebleau asserts that by choosing salutary agriculture and minimal intervention vinification, its wine is elaborated in the most natural way possible. At Fontainebleau, wine is truly the expression of the earth.